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Below are some frequently asked questions about the New Health Care Law. I keep hearing about deadlines, when is the real deadline that I have to buy health insurance? -There is a deadline of December 24th, 2013 to buy health insurance.  However, there is a grace period and the government will not imply a tax penalty if you do not go without health insurance for 90 days. You have to  enroll and pay a couple weeks in advance before your plan starts. A simple rule of thumb is to enroll and pay three weeks before the first of the following month. Please do not wait in case there are problems with the enrollment process.  The deadlines are very strict and there are no exceptions.   I already have health insurance, do I need to switch plans? -if you already have a insurance plan, you will not face a penalty at tax time. You are able to keep your plan for 2014. However, you may want to take a couple minutes and see if you qualify for lower premiums as many people in Idaho do. I received a cancellation letter in the mail saying my current insurance is going to be cancelled. I thought the President said we could keep our current health plan? -If you received a cancellation letter and are confused about the Presidents’ statement saying you can keep your plan, this is where Idaho  stands: Idaho has decided they are going to honor the Presidents’ announcement of people keeping their current health plans for another year. However, fill out the quote box because it may save you hundreds of dollars to change insurance plans now! Why are Maternity Benefits on my plan when I don’t want them?   -The reason Maternity Benefits are on all New Plans is because it is one of the ten (10) Essential Health Benefits that all health insurance plans are required to have. Whether you are male or female, old or young, this benefit is still on all Qualified Plans. In addition to this, health insurance carriers can no longer rate higher or exclude pre-existing conditions for plans starting January 1st, 2014. There are four (4) levels of plans available for the New Health Insurance Exchange.  1. Bronze: Covers approximately 60% of insurance costs and is often the lowest monthly premium. 2. Silver:  Covers approximately 70% of insurance costs and this can vary from 70%-94% depending on income and number of people in your family. Send us an email for details. 3. Gold:  Covers approximately 80% of insurance costs. 4. Platinum:  Covers approximately 90% of insurance costs.  This is also the most expensive premium, but usually provides the most coverage. Still not sure?  Give us a call or fill out our contact form IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER FOR IDAHO: December 24th, 2013: You must enroll in a health plan if you want coverage to start on January 1, 2014.  March 31st, 2014: Final day of “Open Enrollment” for the Health Insurance Marketplace. November 15th, 2014: “Open Enrollment” begins for selecting a new health insurance plan for 2015.  Confused about the new Obamacare law, plans, and what is covered?  Click on “Get Quote” to find out what plans are available.
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